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Car Accidents and Turnpikes

The car accident lawyers at Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC, discuss the causes of turnpike car accidents, and how to pursue compensation for collision damages.

Posted by Larry A. Tawwater on Jul 30, 2021

Car Accidents Involving Fire Trucks

Car accident lawyers at The Tawwater Law Firm go over potential damages and liability issues associated with car accidents involving fire trucks.

Posted by dtaw on Apr 01, 2021

How Car Accident Reconstruction Can Benefit Your Case

Car accident lawyers at the Tawwater Law Firm work with auto collision reconstruction experts to recreate a crash and demonstrate liability.

Posted by Larry A. Tawwater on Mar 04, 2021

What Does It Mean that Oklahoma Is an At-Fault Insurance State?

Oklahoma is an at-fault insurance state, but what does that mean if you've been involved in an accident? The Tawwater Law Firm takes a closer…

Posted by Larry A. Tawwater on Feb 08, 2021

Chain Reaction Car Accidents

Learn about the damages of chain reaction car accidents, and the process that car accident lawyers at The Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC, use to determine…

Posted by Larry A. Tawwater on Jan 20, 2021

Car Accidents and Failure to Yield

Failure to yield can result in serious car accident injuries. Auto collision victims may be entitled to compensation. Our motor vehicle crash attorneys can help.

Posted by Larry A. Tawwater on Nov 23, 2020

Tailgating Can Lead to Car Accidents and Serious Injuries

Car accidents can happen for many reasons but one all too common reason is tailgating. At Tawwater Law Firm, our attorneys help victims of car…

Posted by dtaw on Jun 16, 2020

Oklahoma Is an At Fault State for Car Accidents

When a car accident occurs, there are nearly always damages and injuries. Oklahoma is an at fault state for car accidents, which means victims can…

Posted by Larry A. Tawwater on Apr 20, 2020

Defective Car Seats

The product liability lawyers at Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC help those who have suffered damages due to defective car seats explore their right to compensation.

Posted by dtaw on Feb 06, 2020

Causes of Fatal Car Accidents

Speeding, drunk driving, and texting behind the wheel are common causes of fatal auto accidents. Our lawyers discuss deadly car crashes.

Posted by dtaw on Nov 16, 2019

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