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Time and Day that Car Accidents Are Most Common

Auto accidents are more likely during certain times of day. The attorneys at Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC look at telling crash statistics.

Posted by dtaw on Sep 01, 2019

Car Accidents and Delivery Trucks

Delivery truck crashes could be the fault of the mail vehicle driver or the company and its hiring and on-the-job practices. Our attorneys can help.

Posted by dtaw on Jul 16, 2019

Car Accidents at Intersections

Each year, more than half of all car accidents occur in or near intersections. Our auto collision lawyers discuss the dangers to drivers, pedestrians, and…

Posted by dtaw on Jun 16, 2019

Bicycle Accident Statistics

These bike accident statistics reveal the dangers when bicyclists get into crashes with motor vehicles. Our team of attorneys can help victims of accidents.

Posted by dtaw on May 16, 2019

Truck Accidents and Ineligible Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions disqualify people from driving a commercial tractor-trailer. Our truck accident lawyers discuss these health issues and why they are important to note.

Posted by dtaw on Apr 16, 2019

Determining Fault in Left Hand Turn Accidents

The car accident attorneys at The Tawwater Law Firm help car accident victims recover compensation for injuries stemming from left hand turn collisions.

Posted by Larry A. Tawwater on Mar 06, 2019

Proving Fault: Car Accidents and Citations

Traffic citations issued during an auto accident may help in proving fault. Our attorneys go over various factors used to assess liability following a motor…

Posted by Larry A. Tawwater on Feb 16, 2019

Proving Fault: Car Accidents and Police Reports

Police reports contain information about a car accident. Our attorneys can use this information as evidence to show that the other driver was at fault.

Posted by Larry A. Tawwater on Feb 12, 2019

Car Accident Passenger Lawsuits

Passengers in auto collisions may file a lawsuit against negligent drivers, even the person who was operating the vehicle they were in. Our attorneys explore…

Posted by dtaw on Jan 25, 2019

Auto Accidents and Garbage Trucks

The auto accident lawyers at The Tawwater Law Firm know how to handle auto accident and garbage truck cases, securing compensation for victims.

Posted by Larry A. Tawwater on Nov 14, 2018

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