Tailgating Can Lead to Car Accidents and Serious Injuries By dtaw on June 16, 2020

A woman on the phone sitting by a car accidentWhen a car accident causes serious, life-changing injuries, a car accident lawyer can help hold negligent drivers responsible and get victims the compensation they deserve.

Car accidents can happen for many reasons but one all too common reason is tailgating. Tailgating, or driving too closely behind another vehicle, can result in rear-end collisions and permanent injuries. At the Tawwater Law Firm, our attorneys are dedicated to getting victims of car accidents and tailgating in Oklahoma City, OK, the maximum settlement for their injuries. If you have been injured in a tailgating accident, reach out and contact the Tawwater Law Firm to learn more about how we can help you.

Tailgating Can Lead to Rear-End Collisions

Tailgating occurs when a vehicle follows too closely behind another vehicle. Tailgating happens for many reasons. Some people tailgate because they aren't paying attention to the road, as is common with distracted drivers. Other times, people tailgate as an aggressive act to try to intimidate the driver in front of them to move out of their way or to drive faster. 

Whatever the reason, tailgating is unsafe and can lead to rear-end collisions. This is because a tailgating driver may not have enough time to stop their vehicle if the car they're tailgating needs to stop or brakes suddenly.

Common Injuries in Tailgating Accidents

Car accidents caused by tailgating typically result in rear-end collisions. Although high-speed impacts are more likely to cause serious injury and damage to vehicles, even minor rear-end collisions can generate enough force to cause one of the most common injuries in rear-end collisions: whiplash.

Whiplash occurs when the head is suddenly jerked backward then forward. Injuries from whiplash range from pain in the neck and shoulders to headaches and muscle tears. Other injuries that may occur in a tailgating accident include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Contusions
  • Damage to internal organs

In extreme cases, tailgating can lead to fatal injuries.

Avoiding the Dangers of Tailgating

Unfortunately, we can't control how other people drive around us and most drivers in Oklahoma City will be tailgated at some point. When being tailgated, drivers should resist the urge to antagonize a tailgater, especially tailgaters who drive aggressively, by slowing down or hitting the brakes.

Instead, drivers can reduce their risk of being hit by a tailgater by changing lanes and letting the tailgater pass when it is safe to do so. If switching lanes is not an option, increasing your own following distance can reduce your need to brake suddenly, thereby reducing the likelihood of the tailgating driver hitting you.

Of course, it's also important that all drivers do their best to avoid tailgating others. Keeping a safe following distance of about two to three seconds on a clear day and longer if weather or road conditions are poor can help give drivers enough time and distance to safely stop.

Seeking Damages for Tailgating Accidents

Drivers and passengers of vehicles involved in auto accidents caused by negligent tailgating drivers may be entitled to compensation for their injuries through an insurance claim or lawsuit.

By filing an insurance claim or lawsuit, injured parties may be able to recover damages including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

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