Medical Malpractice and Failure to Diagnose Cancer

When a doctor fails to diagnose cancer, the medical malpractice attorneys at the Tawwater Law Firm can help patients and their families.

Posted by dtaw on Nov 01, 2019

Driver Errors and Car Accidents

Driver errors cause the majority of car accidents. The attorneys at Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC discuss different mistakes on the road and behind the wheel.

Posted by dtaw on Oct 16, 2019

Medical Malpractice: Operating on the Wrong Side of the Body

When the wrong part of the body is operated on, you should file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC discusses surgical error cases.

Posted by dtaw on Oct 02, 2019

Personal Injury and Strict Liability

Strict liability may apply to personal injury lawsuits in specific instances. The attorneys of the Tawwater Law Firm cover some of the basics.

Posted by dtaw on Sep 16, 2019

Time and Day that Car Accidents Are Most Common

Auto accidents are more likely during certain times of day. The attorneys at Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC look at telling crash statistics.

Posted by dtaw on Sep 01, 2019

Medical Malpractice and Premature Discharge

When patients are prematurely discharged from the hospital, it can be harmful to their health. We can determine if your premature discharge constitutes a medical…

Posted by dtaw on Aug 16, 2019

Failure to Diagnose Meningitis

Those who have suffered damages due to a doctor’s failure to diagnose meningitis can file a medical malpractice suit with attorneys at the Tawwater Law…

Posted by dtaw on Aug 01, 2019

Car Accidents and Delivery Trucks

Delivery truck crashes could be the fault of the mail vehicle driver or the company and its hiring and on-the-job practices. Our attorneys can help.

Posted by dtaw on Jul 16, 2019

Medical Malpractice and Delayed C-Section

Delayed C-sections are an example of medical malpractice. Our lawyers consider how these birth injury mistakes impact the lives of mothers and babies.

Posted by dtaw on Jul 02, 2019

Car Accidents at Intersections

Each year, more than half of all car accidents occur in or near intersections. Our auto collision lawyers discuss the dangers to drivers, pedestrians, and…

Posted by dtaw on Jun 16, 2019

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