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For over 40 years, the Tawwater Law Firm has served the people of Oklahoma in personal injury lawsuits. Based in Oklahoma City, OK, we work on behalf of individuals, never big businesses, insurance companies, or those who injure others. Our goal is to find the best possible solution for you and your family. Our personal injury attorneys can help you navigate a full range of personal injury cases, including medical malpractice, wrongful death, insurance disputes, car accidents, and other kinds of motor vehicle accidents, and product liability suits. 

Our personal injury attorneys understand that no amount of compensation can make up for the incredible amount of pain and suffering you may have endured. Instead, we strive to help you return to some sense of normalcy. We provide free consultations and personalized attention to every client who walks through our doors. Our Oklahoma City team is dedicated to pursuing justice when victims suffer due to reckless drivers as well as large multinational companies such as Ford, Dow Chemical, and Pfizer. Made up of Larry TawwaterDarren TawwaterRobert BaronPiper John, and Joshua Rains, our personal injury team has the means and the connections to take on any opponent, no matter how large or powerful.

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We represent clients against multinational companies in a broad span of lawsuits.

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If you feel overwhelmed and unsure where to turn, know that our personal injury law firm will stand by your side when you need it most. Our personal injury lawyers begin by learning more about you and your unique situation during a free consultation. We will provide an honest, upfront assessment of whether you have a case, guiding you through every stage so that you can focus on your recovery.

Take the first step towards reclaiming control of your life today. You can reach our law office in Oklahoma City online or call our personal injury attorneys at (405) 607-1400.

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Larry A. Tawwater Former AAJ President

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Larry Tawwater is an Oklahoma personal injury attorney who served as president of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) for the full 2015-2016 term.

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We work closely with each client to ensure that we are working toward the best possible solution for you and your family. 

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What Will Compensation from a Lawsuit Cover?

If you are considering hiring a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit in Oklahoma, you likely have questions about how potential compensation is calculated and what it can cover. Losses are generally broken into two categorieseconomic, such as property damage and lost wages, and non-economic, such as emotional pain and suffering. The specifics vary from case to case, but victims and their families can generally expect to receive money towards:

  • Doctor's visits
  • Hospital stays
  • Medications
  • Rehabilitation
  • Loss of income
  • Lost income opportunity

Restitution for non-economic losses is intended to restore your quality of life and may cover loss of companionship (especially applicable in the event of a fatal accident), disfigurement and emotional effects, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Medical Malpractice

When medical professionals fail to provide reasonable care to patients, serious injury can result. Because of this breach of trust, we have found that these types of personal injury cases are among the most distressing to our clients. In medical malpractice cases, it is crucial to enlist the help of aggressive legal representatives who understand the complexities of the medical profession. For example, we may find that a care provider other than your doctor should be held liable. If you or a loved one has suffered due to a medical error, or if you have lost a loved one due to such an error, our team at The Tawwater Law Firm in Oklahoma City can help you investigate and hold responsible parties accountable for their actions. We can handle cases involving:

Top-Notch Firm

"This law firm is top notch, and I would recommend them on any personal injury lawsuit. They get the job done!" Lisa B.

Personal Injury

If you are injured at the expense of another party's carelessness or recklessness, a personal injury lawsuit provides an avenue for you to pursue financial compensation.

Also known as tort law, personal injury is a complex area of the law that requires an advanced understanding of how to prove fault in the court room. The team at our Oklahoma City law office specializes in personal injury lawsuits and can help you collect the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We are not only dedicated to pursuing justice against both individuals and international businesses, but also have the resources and reputation to hire the nation's leading experts in the relevant fields. 

Our attorneys represent workers and consumers in cases of:

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Has someone else's careless actions left you uncertain about where your next paycheck will come from? Are you worried about mounting medical bills and how your family will be impacted?

Whether you have been injured in a car accident and are considering a personal injury case, or have lost a loved one and need to learn more about wrongful death lawsuits, enlist the help of our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers.

We have helped clients just like you move forward with their lives following a tragedy for more than four decades. When you set up a free consultation with our personal injury firm, you and for your family can start focusing on rebuilding your lives.

Call (405) 607-1400 or schedule a consultation online to find out how we can help you.

Premises Liability

Property owners are required to maintain a safe environment for visitors and customers. This area of law can address negligence in the form of poor lighting, unsafe stairs, slick surfaces, and even attacks by unleashed dogs. If you are injured due to unsafe or hazardous conditions, you may have grounds for a premises liability case. 

Our team in Oklahoma City can represent you in cases involving:

  • Negligent Security
  • Slip and Fall

Good Firm When You Have a Hard Case

"Larry was really good and did the very best that he could for us in this case... everyone there was great the whole time. It's a good firm when you have a hard case."

Insurance Disputes

Insurance is intended to protect you when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that insurance companies operate according to your best interests. On the contrary, these companies are looking out for their bottom line and will do anything within their power to dismiss or minimize your claim. In these instances, you need a dedicated team of attorneys in your corner.

Whether your home is damaged in a natural disaster such as a flood or you are hit by another driver, your insurance company should provide the coverage you pay for. If they deny you proper coverage, you have the right to pursue damages. Our Oklahoma City firm can defend your best interests during insurance dispute lawsuits concerning:

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Many of our clients are hesitant to contact a personal injury lawyer because they can't commit to another bill. We understand you might be facing financial hardship, which is why we strictly handle cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you are not only entitled to a complimentary case evaluation, but you pay nothing in attorney's fees unless we successfully recover on your behalf

Once you contact a personal injury attorney at our Oklahoma City office, you have no obligation to choose us to represent your case. Our verdicts and settlements speak for themselves and we will fight for nothing less than the very best outcome for you and your family. You can set up an appointment today by reaching us online or calling Tawwater's personal injury lawyers today at:

(405) 607-1400

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can involve many different types of vehicles, including cars, bicycles, trucks, and boats. The specifics of your case will depend on the type and number of vehicles involved but nearly all of our clients suffer from catastrophic and life-changing injuries.

In addition, if you wish to collect compensation, you will need to prove fault on the part of another driver, the manufacturer of a certain vehicle, or another party. Whatever type of motor vehicle accident you are involved in, our team can help you collect compensation.

We can investigate and litigate in a range of case types, including:

Car Accidents

Accidents involving non-commercial vehicles are all too common, especially in an era when distractions such as smartphones and smart dashboards are incredibly prevalent.

Drivers have a duty to operate their vehicles with the utmost caution. When injuries result from driver negligence, you can count on our firm to help you rebuild your life.

Learn what steps to take immediately after a car accident.

Truck Accidents

Truck on its side

Accidents involving commercial trucks are usually devastating, if not fatal. The trucking industry is strictly regulated, and when those regulations are violated, the results can be catastrophic. Our attorneys can hold negligent drivers, companies, and parts manufacturers responsible for your losses. We invite you to learn more about how we determine negligence in these cases:

A Tremendous Advocate

"I know Larry Tawwater to be an effective and knowledgeable lawyer, and a tremendous advocate in the plaintiffs bar." Peer Review

Product Liability

When a product is dangerous or defective and causes injury, you have the right to pursue compensation for any damage it has caused. Whether the issue stems from negligent manufacturing, design, or marketing, our team can help you collect the damages you deserve. Our team can also handle class action lawsuits.

We can represent clients who have been injured by medical products such as:

Committed to Personalized Service

At the Tawwater Law Firm, our Oklahoma City attorneys strive to provide responsive and compassionate representation to our clients while working aggressively on their behalf. Our entire team works closely with each client, providing individualized counsel to ensure we understand their case and are always working in their best interest.

After over 40 years of litigating complex personal injury suits, we have cultivated lasting relationships with leading medical and legal experts to assist and testify on our cases. Tawwater is here to help guide you through what may be one of the most stressful and difficult times in your life, and to help you reach a beneficial outcome.

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The Tawwater Law Firm

As a client of the Tawwater Law Firm in Oklahoma City, you can benefit from: 

  • Our more than 36 years in practice serving personal injury victims
  • Our listing in the Bar Register of Pre-Eminent Lawyers of America
  • A case supported by some of the nation's leading experts

To schedule a consultation, contact us online or call us at (405) 607-1400.

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