Truck Driver Inattention Can Cause Deadly Collisions By dtaw on March 10, 2017

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Victims of commercial trucking and semi-truck accidents may experience major injuries as a result of their collision. Sometimes these collisions are caused because the driver of the large truch was not paying attention. Let's take a moment to explain.

Driver Inattention Defined

Driver inattention refers to cases in which the person behind the wheel of a vehicle takes their eyes off the road and/or one hand or both hands off the wheel. This inattentive form of driving increases the risk of a collision as well as striking others who are on the road.

Driver inattention is more likely than ever these days because of how many distractions we have: smart phones, tablets, other devices. While distraction is always a potential, common sense must prevail for the sake of the truck driver's safety as well as other who share the road.

Examples of Driver Inattention

The following are some common examples of driver distraction and inattention:

  • Texting While Driving – Texting while driving takes your eyes off the road for seconds at a time. At highway speeds, you can travel the distance of a football field in the time it takes to read a text. While driving a semi-truck, this can be extremely dangerous.

  • Eating While Driving – Eating while driving tends to take hand or sometimes both hands off the wheel. This can mean the difference between safe/attentive driving and dangerous/distracted driving.

  • Reading While Driving – Believe it or not, some people read the newspaper, magazines, or even books while they drive. Rather than put people at risk, stick to audio books and podcasts while operating your vehicle. This goes double if you are a commercial truck driver.

  • Reaching for Items – If you need to grab a pen, a flashlight, or another object that's out of reach, you may be in an awkward position that is not conducive to safe driving. Do not awkwardly reach for things until you are safely stopped.

  • Checking Appearance in Mirrors – You may wonder if your hair looks okay, if there's something in your teeth, or how you look. If you do wonder, wait to check during a full stop. Looking in mirrors and taking your eyes off the road can be deadly.

  • Rubbernecking – Accidents and other sorts of incidents can distract all people and slow down traffic. Rather than rubbernecking and putting others at risk, avoid gawking at accidents and drive safely and deliberately forward.

Truck Drivers Must Remain Attentive

People who drive large trucks have a duty to pay attention. For one, they need to ensure that their vehicle gets where it's going on time, and to do that requires a certain amount of concentration and attention on the road. More importantly, though, large trucks can cause major damage in a collision, crushing smaller vehicles and leading to multi-car pile-ups.

Paying attention and being careful can make a major difference. Sometimes that difference is between life and death.

Learn More About Truck Accident Cases

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