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Of all auto accidents, semi-truck accidents can often be the most dangerous. In Oklahoma, tractor trailers move very quickly across I-35 and I-40, and because of their size, they often cause collisions resulting in death and serious injury.

At The Tawwater Law Firm, we know how tragic semi-truck accidents can be. Over the past 36 years, our lawyers have helped hundreds of people suffering from catastrophic injury or seeing loved ones suffer wrongful death in truck accidents. We help people recover medical bills, lost wages and other expenses arising from such tragedies. We also help them obtain compensation for their pain and suffering and hold the trucking companies accountable for reckless driving on our roads and highways.

Truck Accident Cases Require Special Knowledge

Dealing with truck accident cases requires knowledge of a host of special regulations that apply only to trucks and truck companies. For example, discovering that a truck driver violated hours of service limits, weight regulations or that the driver was maintaining fraudulent logs can change a case dramatically.

Our firm has a long-standing reputation for taking on any opponent, no matter how large, in order to get restitution for our clients. We hire the best available experts from across the country in engineering, accident reconstruction and other areas pertinent to our semi-truck accident cases. Our attorneys and staff also make sure our clients have good medical care, and have close connections to life care specialists who can help analyze what they need to fully recover and get their life back on track after a tragic accident.

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