What’s Involved in a Truck Accident Investigation? By Larry A. Tawwater on June 16, 2023

A truck driver holding his hand to his headAccidents with commercial trucks often result in significant injuries and property damage. At The Tawwater Law Firm, our truck accident lawyers investigate truck accidents to help their clients get fair compensation for injuries and other damages.

The purpose of an investigation after a truck accident is to reveal the facts of what happened during the accident. Investigations are used to gather evidence but can also help answer questions about fault. So what’s involved in a truck accident investigation? Our Oklahoma City, OK, attorneys explain.

Speak with an Attorney

After an accident with a commercial truck, all the parties involved should expect to be contacted by insurance adjusters. It’s often a good idea to speak with an attorney before discussing the details of your accident with an insurance company. This is because insurance companies can use your own statements against you and can use them to offer a lower settlement than you may deserve.

Our Oklahoma City attorneys help prepare their clients when speaking to insurance adjusters to provide accurate statements and prevent misspeaking that insurance companies may try to capitalize on.

Starting at the Scene of the Accident

Typically, an investigation into an accident with a commercial truck begins at the scene of the accident.

Things that may be noted at the scene of an accident include:

  • Traffic signals
  • Stop signs and other traffic signs
  • Hazards on the road, such as potholes, that could have contributed to the accident
  • Trees or other things obscuring traffic signals or signs
  • Speed limits
  • Tire marks on the ground
  • Damage to the areas surrounding the accident
  • Lighting conditions

Vehicle Inspection

In addition to inspecting the scene of the accident, the vehicles involved may be inspected by an insurance adjuster and an attorney. During the vehicle inspection, damage will be noted as well as any other evidence.

Vehicles must be inspected as soon as possible to gather evidence before vehicles are repaired or destroyed.

Commercial truck drivers are required to keep detailed logs on their vehicles, which can provide important information about the accident during vehicle inspections. Additionally, trucking companies may also have saved important evidence regarding things like tire pressure and maintenance logs. An attorney can work to gather such information.

Speaking with Witnesses and Consulting Experts

Another key component of investigating a truck accident is speaking with witnesses. Witness accounts should be recorded as soon as possible and before important details are forgotten.

Experts may also be interviewed to further determine the facts around the accident.

Reconstructing the Accident

Reconstructing the accident is helpful in shedding light on how the crash occurred. Accidents are reconstructed using the evidence and information gathered during the investigation.

Reconstructing the accident can help with determining fault, as well as provide further information about what happened during the accident.

Contact The Tawwater Law Firm

If you have been injured in a truck accident, it’s important to speak with an attorney. The Oklahoma City attorneys of The Tawwater Law Firm can investigate your accident and help get you a fair settlement for your injuries. Please send a message to our team to discuss your case.

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