Dump Truck Accidents By Larry A. Tawwater on October 01, 2021

truck accidentSome of the most catastrophic car accidents are those involving commercial trucks. Commercial trucks weigh significantly more than most vehicles on the road, so smaller vehicles take the brunt of the accident impact. Even among commercial trucks, dump trucks are considered to be particularly dangerous.

Dump trucks carry heavy loads of trash and cargo that increase the risk of an accident, and make accident damages even greater. When a dump truck accident occurs, liable parties should be held accountable for resulting losses. Truck accident lawyers at the Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC, help Oklahoma City, OK, accident victims establish liability, so that they can be justly compensated for their losses.

Causes of Dump Truck Accidents

Every accident is unique and there are numerous factors that can contribute to a collision. However, in terms of dump truck accidents, the most common causation factors fall under one of three categories: driver error, trucking company neglect, or mechanical failure.

Driver Error

Like any other driver, truck drivers often make mistakes that lead to collisions. Since dump trucks are so large and heavy, they are difficult to control, which makes errors even more likely. Driver errors that frequently result in dump truck accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Ignoring traffic signs/signals
  • Failing to check for blind spots
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Driving under the influence.

Trucking Company Neglect

Sometimes dump truck accidents are caused by neglect that takes place before a driver even gets behind the wheel of their vehicle. Neglectful acts on the part of the company that owns or operates the dump truck include:

  • Failure to perform a thorough background check on hired drivers
  • Failure to properly train drivers
  • Encouraging drivers to ignore hours of service regulations
  • Neglecting routine truck inspections and/or maintenance
  • Improperly loaded cargo

Mechanical Failure

Dump truck accidents can also be caused by mechanical failures. Dump trucks travel many miles and carry heavy loads, both of which put a lot of strain on vehicles. Dump trucks should be inspected regularly to prevent mechanical failures that can lead to accidents, such as:

  • Failure of the hydraulic mechanism (the device that lifts the container so that materials can be dumped)
  • Brake failure
  • Steering failure
  • Tire blowout

Determining Accident Liability

Looking at the most common causes of dump truck accidents, it is clear that many people can be held liable for a truck crash, including the dump truck driver, the employer of the dump truck, the owner/operator of the dump truck, the truck mechanic, and/or a parts manufacturer. To determine which of these parties is liable (or shares liability), our Oklahoma City lawyers work with experts in the field to recreate the details of the accident and establish what caused the crash. 

The Value of a Knowledgeable Attorney

Dump truck accidents are far more complex than accidents involving two passenger vehicles. There are many factors that can contribute to a dump truck accident, and many parties who may be responsible for crash damages. Trucking companies are likely to have large legal teams ready to fight on their behalf, so it is essential that accident victims have their own knowledgeable attorney to look out for their best interest. Our Oklahoma City lawyers examine all aspects of a crash, and consider all potential sources of liability, so that our clients can be justly compensated to the maximum extent of the law.

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