Auto Accidents Can Occur When Backing Out of Driveways By dtaw on April 07, 2017

A serious auto accidentNegligence and inattentiveness can put countless people at risk everyday. When an avoidable injury accident occurs, it's important to have strong legal representation on your side to hold negligent parties accountable. That's precisely what the Oklahoma City lawyers at Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC can offer.

We have discussed different kinds of car accidents at length on our legal blog. Yet there's one kind of accident we haven't covered yet but can still lead to serious injuries when they occur. We're talking about collisions as people are backing out of garages and driveways.

Accidents Can Happen Anywhere

No matter where you are, there's a potential for an auto collision. We often take this for granted, but there's the potential for accidents even in a quiet suburb. This is why it's so important that you maintain focus behind the wheel at all times, especially when you're backing up.

When it comes accidents while backing out of driveways, you can potentially put yourself and others at risk if you are not careful and attentive.

Potential Side or T-Bone Collisions with Traffic

One of the more serious types of collisions in these cases involves side or t-bone accidents with oncoming motorists. If you back out quickly without checking for oncoming cars, the risk of collision increases. If you're driving down the road and a person backs up without noting your presence, it can be very difficult to move and avoid an accident.

Potential Accidents with Bicyclists

Bicyclists are especially vulnerable to these kinds of accidents. A bicyclist may be in their designated bike lane, on the side walk, or near the curb riding carefully. If a person backs into them while trying to get out of a driveway, the injuries can be severe. The car striking the bicyclist can lead to serious injuries. Similarly, if a car pulls out in front of an oncoming bicyclist, the collision can be quite severe.

Potential Accidents with Pedestrians

Pedestrians are perhaps more vulnerable than bicyclists when it comes to these sorts of accidents. If a driveway is obscured by hedges or trees, a motorist may not notice a person walking by, and accidentally strike them while backing out onto the road. The dangers are much higher if there are children involved, such as students walking home from school or toddlers out for a walk with their parents.

Be Careful When Backing Out Yourself

As you're backing out of your driveway, be sure to do so slowly. Check your mirrors and your blind spots, and be extra-cautious at all times. If school has just gotten out or if you know there are many children in your neighborhood, be sure to exercise additional caution during mornings and afternoons.

It may also be helpful to consider trimming hedges and trees regularly if they often obscure your view of pedestrians, bicyclists, and traffic. This can make a lot of difference when it comes to safety.

Exercise Caution When Approaching Driveways

If you are walking, riding a bike, skateboarding, or driving down a street and notice someone backing out of their driveway, be sure to exercise additional caution. Motorists and bicyclists should proceed carefully and note if the driver is stopped or slowing as they ease out. Pedestrians should consider stopping before they enter a driveway, and wait for the driver to acknowledge their presence and wave them across.

Speak with Our Team of Injury Attorneys

For more information about your legal options following an auto collision of any sort, be sure to contact our team of attorneys today. The team at Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC is here to help you in your time of legal need.

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