Defective Airbags Can Lead to Deadly Auto Accidents By dtaw on October 14, 2016

A broken windshield and deployed airbagsThe people of Oklahoma City have strong legal advocates on their side at our law firm. We fight diligently for our clients every step of the way. In the case of lawsuits that involve serious or fatal car accidents, we fight to make sure that negligent parties are punished and that just damages are sought.

Sometimes auto accident injuries are the result of mechanical or vehicle problems rather than other drivers. In such cases, the auto manufacturers and auto companies needs to be held accountable. This is especially true of instances in which an airbag is defective.

When Airbags Fail

Airbags are intended to protect motorists from experiencing the full force of a collision. They can save lives, and reduce the severity of impact in such a way that catastrophic injuries can be prevented.

Yet when airbags fail, this could literally mean the difference between life and death. Injuries can become more severe as a result of these mechanical failures of vehicle defects. In such instances, the auto makers must be held accountable for their failure to protect drivers.

Types of Airbag Defects

There are a few different ways that an airbag can fail.

  • Failure to Deploy – In some cases, an airbag fails to deploy during a collision. This obviously means that a driver is not protected by the airbag at all. In such instances, the failure for an airbag to deploy can mean surviving a collision and a fatal auto accident.

  • Delayed or Early Deployment – In other cases, the timing of the airbag is off. If an airbag deploys too early or too late, the optimal protection for the motorist is simply not reached.

  • Spontaneous Deployment – One of the most alarming airbag defects is when an airbag deploys without any provocation. A driver may be in a very low-speed, low-impact collision that leads to unnecessary deployment, or the airbag may deploy without any collision whatsoever. In the case of the latter, this can lead to a startled driver losing control of a vehicle and causing an accident.

  • Poor Inflation or Overinflation – Some airbags will inflate too little or toot much. In either of these cases, the optimal amount of give, cushion, and protect is simply not there.

  • Bursting of the Airbag – Sometimes an airbag will burst following deployment, whether a result of overinflation or some material defect with the airbag itself. These incidents can result in serious injuries, such as burns, contusions, and lacerations.

Holding Auto Companies Accountable

When auto makers put vehicles on the market that are unsafe, it's important that attorneys be able to hold these companies accountable for such costly failures. Lawsuits over defective automobiles or auto parts help improve safety standards and quality control standards throughout the industry, preventing future incidents of product failure from occurring. The auto company should compensate victims of their mistakes, particularly when lives, livelihoods, and loved ones are on the line.

How Product Liability Attorneys Can Help You

Product liability lawsuits can be quite complicated, which is why having skilled legal professionals on your side is so crucial. By working with a product liability lawyer, you can ensure that you side is heard, and that the complexities of the system can be navigated properly. Our team will provide expert counsel every step of the way, allowing you to focus on recovery, healing, and what matters most.

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To learn more about your legal rights after a catastrophic failure of a vehicle's safety features, be sure to contact the attorneys at our law firm today. Our lawyers are here for you and your loved ones in your time of legal need.

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