The Causes of Erb’s Palsy: Taking Birth Injuries Seriously By Larry A. Tawwater on July 07, 2015

A baby being heldHere at the Tawwater Law Firm, our team of lawyers has committed themselves to the needs of injury victims and their loved ones. People throughout Oklahoma City who are the victims of negligence can rely on our team for strong legal guidance and counsel, with the ultimate drive of justice for our clients.

This drive is especially important in birth injury lawsuits against negligent doctors. Infants face so many challenges following a birth injury, which is why our team is here to hold those in medical profession accountable for their unforgivable mistakes.

About Erb's Palsy

Also known as Erb-Duchenne palsy, Erb's palsy refers to the paralysis of the arms that result from nerve damage along the upper portion of the spine. It's a potential result of a traumatic birth or serious injury to the head and neck area.

Near the cervical section of the spine (specifically the base of the neck) is a bundle of nerves known as the brachial plexus, which extends into the armpit and shoulder area and helps with proper function of the arms and hands. When these nerves are damaged, this can result in Erb's palsy.

Problems Associated with Erb's Palsy

Erb's palsy can affect a person's arms to varying degrees. In some cases, only the upper arm may be affected by the nerve injury, making it difficult to rotate and move the upper arm area. In severe cases, the hands of the injury victim may be affected, a condition that is known as Klumpke paralysis.

Regardless the extent of the injury, the changes to arm movement and arm strength can both result in challenges when it comes to everyday activities that many people take for granted.

Shoulder Dystocia: The Most Common Cause of Erb's Palsy

One of the most common causes of Erb's palsy is shoulder dystocia, a type of injury that is sustained during childbirth. This occurs when there is excessive pulling on a baby's shoulders as he or she passes through the birth canal. This can lead to damage or strain of the brachial plexus and subsequent issues with the arms.

Other Potential Causes of Erb's Palsy

While shoulder dystocia and birth injuries are a common cause of Erb's palsy, Erb's palsy can also occur in children and adults as a result of serious injury. Major head or neck injuries or trauma to the shoulder area can all lead to issued with the brachial plexus, resulting in damage to the nerves.

Holding Negligent Medical Practitioners and Other Parties Accountable

Given that birth injuries are a common cause of Erb's palsy, it's of the utmost importance that negligent medical practitioners be held accountable for causing these kinds of injuries to infants. Erb's palsy is often avoidable if doctors take care in what they are doing. Negligent actions during the delivery of a child are unacceptable and it's important that irresponsible parties be tried for causing numerous hardships to parents and their children.

If a case of Erb's palsy was caused by an assault, an accident, or a physical altercation of some kind, an attorney can definitely be helpful in a personal injury lawsuit, seeking compensation for medical expenses and other hardships that came as a result of the incident.

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