Defective Tires Can Cause Major Auto Accidents By Larry A. Tawwater on May 07, 2015

A man after an auto accidentThe legal team here at the Tawwater Law Firm has helped countless injury victims and their loved ones in the state of Oklahoma. Their legal expertise is especially crucial when it comes to major car accidents that result in injury or the loss of a loved one.

Auto accidents can occur for many reasons. Let's look at the issue of tire quality and why defective tires need to be taken seriously.

Your Tires Matter Even More Than You May Realize

When it comes to your vehicle and your safety behind the wheel, the tires matter more than you may think. Having defective or flawed tires of any kind can make driving quite risky and make accidents and collisions more likely.

Below are just some of the ways that defective tires can make injury and accidents more likely to occur.

Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts refer to cases in which a tire bursts. This is different from a regular flat since the air quickly leaves the tire. Tires can blow out as a result of major wear and tear, hot weather, and poor craftsmanship and design. When a tire blows out, it's possible for a driver to lose control of a vehicle and cause an accident to occur.

Poor Traction

Another important factor for tires is proper traction. When the traction of your tires is poor, there is a greater chance of a tires slipping while on the road and the driver losing control. Traction may be poor due to long-term wear or problems with general tire quality and design. It's important to have your tires changed regularly to ensure proper traction whenever you are driving.

Shoddy Workmanship of Tires

Related to the first two issues, poor general workmanship of tires can lead to a number of serious problems. This includes bulging of tires that makes blowouts and other problems more likely, as well as shredding of tire treads. It's important that tires be properly made, and that the rubber of the tires is of good quality for regular use on the road.

Unbalanced Tires Due to Bad Suspension

Poor suspension of your vehicle can also result in tire problems. The weight distribution may be off, resulting in a less stable and more dangerous car or truck. It's important to consider these matters if you are noticing problems with control of your vehicle.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You

Tire companies and auto makers often have legal teams in place to protect them in cases of potential negligence with regard to the design and distribution of their products. Our lawyers will fight diligently for you in your time of legal need, making sure that you receive sound legal counsel. We will not be intimidated by other attorneys since we believe that the rights of victims are more important than the interests of big business and corporations.

Our legal team will fight for just compensation for your medical expenses, vehicle damage, and other matters related to the vehicle collision.

Speak with the Lawyers of the Tawwater Law Firm

For more information about your legal rights following a serious auto accident caused by a defective part, be sure to contact our team of personal injury attorneys today. The lawyers of the Tawwater Law Firm will fight diligently for you during your time of legal need.

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