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Compensation for Brain Injury Victims

A brain injury can have devastating consequences on a victim's life, including serious impairment in motor skills and memory. 

The brain injury attorneys at The Tawwater Law Firm can help you fight for the compensation you need to move forward.

You do not have face this alone...

Illustration of man holding head in hands in brain in red

Our experienced, compassionate attorneys understand the devastating and life-changing effects a brain injury can have on victims and families. Medical care may be required for years, and the victim’s ability to perform even simple everyday tasks can be severely compromised. If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic accident, a brain injury lawyer with Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC in Oklahoma City, OK, can help. For nearly four decades, we have represented personal injury victims in a variety of cases, and we have recovered considerable settlements for brain injury victims. Schedule your free consultation today.

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These cases can be complex, but if negligence is a contributing factor to the injuries you or your loved one have suffered, we will pursue every avenue to uncover and prove it.

Defining Brain Injury

Brain injuries fall into one of two categories: traumatic and acquired. Traumatic brain injuries are caused by an external force or trauma. Mild cases involve an impact to the head that leaves the skull intact (closed head injury). More severe traumatic brain injuries involve an impact that is so forceful the skull is penetrated and fractured (open head injury).

Acquired brain injuries are those that occur due to medical conditions such as stroke and infection, or compromised delivery of oxygen to the brain (such as cerebral palsy). A partial lack of oxygen to the brain is a hypoxic injury, and a total lack of oxygen is anoxic. Hypoxic-anoxic injuries are often the result of a near-drowning experience, or the result of medical malpractice, such as birth injury or surgical errors/medical-malpractice-lawyer

Thousands of Victims Die Due to TBI Each Year

In 2013, nearly 50,000 people died due to a traumatic brain injury. We strongly believe that those responsible for preventable TBIs should be held responsible. If you have lost a loved one due to a brain injury, we can help you seek justice.

In 2013, nearly 50,000 people died due to a traumatic brain injury.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Causes & Severity of Brain Injury

Any force to the head can result in a traumatic brain injury, but the most common causes are:

Brain injuries are classified as mild, moderate, or severe. A concussion with a few minutes of unconsciousness or no unconsciousness would typically be considered a mild brain injury. A moderate brain injury may involve up to 24 hours of unconsciousness and changes in victim’s consciousness afterwards. A severe brain injury may involve 24 hours or more of unconsciousness, and more pronounced effects when the victim regains consciousness.

How Much Will a Brain Injury Cost You?

The average cost of a mild brain injury is about $85,000. A severe traumatic brain injury can cost you and your family between $600,000 and $1,875,000 throughout your lifetime. Medical bills and other effects should not come out of your pocket. We will fight for fair compensation that accounts for these costs and more. 

A severe traumatic brain injury can cost you and your family between $600,000 and $1,875,000 throughout your lifetime.

According to Emergency Medicine: Open Access 

Determining Damages

A brain injury can affect the victim’s ability to walk, communicate, and manage simple tasks, including self-care. Depending on the location and extent of the injury, a victim’s motor function, senses, cognitive abilities, and even emotional disposition or psychological state can be affected. Additionally, moderate brain injury can result in extensive loss of income and significant medical expenses, among other losses. If the brain injury is severe or catastrophic, the consequences can be completely life-altering, taking a devastating emotional and financial toll.

Establishing damages in a brain injury case is the responsibility of the plaintiff’s attorney. Attorneys with Tawwater Law have represented numerous brain injury victims, helping to both prove liability and collect the compensation they desperately need. We work with medical experts who can assist in determining the likely progression of the injury and the need for ongoing care. When necessary, we utilize forensic accounting experts to detail the long-term monetary losses expected for the victim and family.

Damages pursued on behalf of brain injury victims and their loved ones include:

  • Medical bills - These costs can include acute care bills, ongoing physical and occupational therapy, medical equipment, medications, and home care.
  • Lost wages - A victim of severe brain trauma may not ever be able to work again. If the victim was employed and supporting or contributing to the family’s finances, the loss of income can take an enormous toll that continues well into the future. A stay-at-home parent also provides tremendous value to a young family, including cost savings for child care and other domestic services.
  • Pain and suffering - In a legal case, pain and suffering can include physical and emotional trauma suffered by the victim and close family members. Psychological counseling is often needed to help with emotional trauma. The loss of enjoyment of life, reduced capacity, and loss of companionship can also be considered in a damages award.
  • Property damage - If the victim was injured in a car accident, for example, there may be property damage and losses to consider as well.

Some traumatic brain injury cases can also include punitive damages if the victim was injured due to the malicious or willful act of another party. In the state of Oklahoma, these damages are generally limited to $100,000, but can go higher depending upon the circumstances.

What Does ​the  Legal Process Entail?


First, attend a free consultation with one of our attorneys. At this time, you should bring any information you have regarding the incident, including medical records or receipts of expenses related to the injury.

Complete an Investigation

Our team will conduct our own investigation, gathering all relevant medical documentation and supporting evidence. We then work with experts to evaluate the records and determine whether there are grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

File Your Lawsuit

Your lawyer can then file your lawsuit with the court. The defendants – in your case the doctor or the hospital – and their attorneys will be served, meaning they are notified of the lawsuit. 

Negotiation or Litigation

In many cases, we are able to negotiate a substantial settlement for our clients without the need to go to trial. However, if the defense is not willing to offer a fair settlement, we will not hesitate to aggressively litigate on your behalf

Top-Knotch Legal Services

"​This law firm is top notch, and I would recommend them on any personal injury lawsuit. They get the job done!" Lisa Boone

Trust Your Case to an Experienced Attorney

The Tawwater Law Firm has a proven record of helping victims of all types of accidents and medical malpractice collect the damages they need in order to rebuild their lives. As demonstrated in our partial list of verdicts and settlements, many of our past clients have been the recipients of multi-million dollar compensation awards. Whether handling settlement negotiations, or a jury or appellate trial, we have the skill and experience needed to take on major insurance companies and corporate defense attorneys.

In addition to establishing damages, it is our job in a brain injury case to prove negligence or misconduct as the cause of injury. We thoroughly investigate the facts of each case, performing accident reconstruction, obtaining and scrutinizing all pertinent records, and interviewing many witnesses. These cases can be complex, but if negligence is a contributing factor to the injuries you or your loved one have suffered, we will pursue every avenue to uncover and prove it.

Victims of brain injury are entitled to pursue damages against negligent parties, but there is a two-year time limit on filing claims. This is called a statute of limitations. From the moment your injury occurs, the period of time in which you can file a lawsuit begins to run out. Once this duration passes, your rights to legal action may be terminated. For this reason, victims should seek legal assistance as quickly as possible. By contacting the Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC, our team can begin building your case, and we will not receive fees unless you collect.

Knowledgeable Legal Counsel For All Your Needs

At Tawwater Law Firm, we can handle a diverse range of brain injury cases. Whether it is classified as personal injury or medical malpractice, our team is extremely knowledgeable in both practice areas and their unique nuances. For over 40 years, we have been fighting for brain injury victims and their families. We are confident that our attorneys can provide sound legal counsel and effective representation to achieve the best possible result for your needs.

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Benefits of Hiring A Brain Injury Lawyer

Correct Filing

Understanding the requirements for filing a lawsuit can be difficult, especially when you have suffered a serious injury. Our lawyers know when and how to file everything on your behalf to ensure that it is done promptly and correctly.


Best Possible Outcome

As your brain injury attorneys, we will be able to guide you through the settlement or litigation process so you can make educated decisions. Based on our negotiation and litigation tactics, as well as your goals, we can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Focus on Your Health

Suffering a brain injury or caring for a loved one can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. We understand and are proud to shoulder the burden of the legal process, handing your case with the utmost professionalism and regard for your well-being so you can focus on your health.

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