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Too often, insurance companies wrongfully deny policyholders’ claims, exposing those they are supposed to represent to financial harm. 

Our team at Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC prides itself on winning insurance disputes on behalf of Oklahomans. 

When folks need attorneys to vigorously fight for their financial rights, they come to see us in Oklahoma City, OK. 

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The people of Oklahoma are our priority. The Tawwater Law Firm never represents big business and insurance companies. When corporate Goliaths harm or take advantage of Oklahoma locals, our lawyers side with the Davids and work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome in a lawsuit. Write to us or call (405) 607-1400 today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step towards financial justice.

Why Insurance Companies Deny Claims

There are a number of reasons your insurer may try to deny your insurance claim. Parsing the specifics an insurance policy can be confounding. Our Tawwater Law Firm team understands policies and how to combat insurance claim denials. 

The following are potentially wrongful justifications your insurance company may use:

We are ready to fight wrongful denials on your behalf. 
We are ready to fight wrongful denials on your behalf. 

Lack of Coverage

They may argue that your insurance policy does not cover or specifically excludes your claim. In cases where our lawyers can highlight vague insurance policy language, you will gain the upper hand in a legal judgment.

Application Errors

Another common argument for insurance claim denial involves an insurance company claiming that the policyholder made mistakes, misstatements, or misrepresentations on their initial insurance policy application.

Claim Errors

Your policy will have certain rules that must be followed when submitting a claim. Chief among these is the deadline for filing your insurance claim. In some cases, our lawyers can demonstrate that the allegation of a claim error is irrelevant or false. 

Fraud Allegations

Exaggerating or falsifying an insurance claim is fraud and can have serious legal consequences. You can be denied for fraud if your insurer does not believe you suffered the losses you are claiming. 

Bad Faith

Bad faith rejections are denials that have no true justification from the insurance company. A common bad faith tactic is to use confusing legalese designed to baffle policyholders. It often requires knowledgeable attorneys like ours at Tawwater Law Firm to break down and combat bad faith claims. 

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A Proven Track Record of Success

Any attorney can claim they are the right lawyer to handle your case. The team at the Tawwater Law Firm has proven its abilities by winning numerous lawsuits with multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. Our many successful insurance lawsuits include a class action settlement case with a health insurance company for $4 million and a $3 million settlement for our client in a bad faith insurance case.

No Need to Pay Unless We Win

The Tawwater Law Firm works on a contingency basis, which means we charge you nothing unless we win your lawsuit.  This arrangement means we have zero interest in running up hourly attorney’s fees, and you can rest assured that our sole focus is your victory. We understand how stressful insurance disputes can be and work to keep you happy and calm from your free consultation to your final handshake with our lawyers. 

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We Can Sue Your Insurance Company

Some folks believe they can only negotiate with an insurance company, and not sue them. If your insurance company violates or fails to honor the terms of your agreement, they can be sued. There are a number of violations your insurance company may commit that merit a lawsuit, including:

  • Providing inadequate explanation of claim denial
  • Not promptly and thoroughly investigating a claim 
  • Refusing to pay a justified claim with clear liability
  • Illegally canceling your policy 
  • Misrepresenting the policy 
  • Failing to decide on a claim in a reasonable timeframe
  • Not defending you in a liability suit covered by your insurance policy
  • Denying your claim based on your application after the deadline to contest

Take Your Case to the Tawwater Law Firm  So Many in Oklahoma City Have Found Financial Justice With Us

Some folks wait until their insurance claim has already been denied before retaining a lawyer. If you have an ongoing claim that seems like it may be denied, it can be wise to talk to knowledgeable insurance lawyers now. Legal professionals can help navigate your claim and let your insurance company know you are serious about receiving the compensation you deserve. In many cases, lawyers can help attain a fair settlement without the situation necessitating a lawsuit.  

The Tawwater Law Firm team has earned exceptional renown for representing clients in many types of cases, including insurance disputes. Our firm has led clients throughout Oklahoma to great settlements and verdicts for over 40 years since its founding. The track record of success we have built by standing up to big business and insurance companies earned us a listing in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers of America, which lists the most highly regarded law firms in the nation.

Contact our attorneys today or call us to set up a consultation.

A visit to our Oklahoma City office can be the start to solving your insurance dispute.

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The Two Types of Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuits

Insurance companies have legal duties to their policyholders. If your policy has been violated, our attorneys can pursue the following kinds of lawsuits. 
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Breach of Contract

Insurance agreements are contracts. You pay your hard-earned money for the assurance that your insurer will cover and defend you when necessary. When an insurance company refuses to honor its contract, this is known as a breach. Our attorneys can file a lawsuit on your behalf with the goal of forcing the insurance company to fulfill the terms of the contract and pay you the proper type of damages. 

Uninsured motorists


A tort is a wrongful act that causes someone harm. In some bad faith cases, an insurance company's actions can be so egregious that tort law is invoked. If you are suffering due to actions that rise to the level of a tort claim, you may be able to receive punitive damages in addition to the standard compensatory damages available in breach of contract cases. The value of punitive damages can be even greater than the insurance policy itself. 

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What to Do When You Are Contacted by an Insurance Company 

Once you retain our lawyers, we will handle contact and negotiations with involved insurance companies. If you do not currently have legal representation, these are some useful pieces of advice to follow, especially in cases where you have been hurt. 

  • Identify who you are speaking to and who they represent
  • Be polite and do not become aggressive or antagonistic
  • Do not give out personal information beyond name, address, and phone number
  • Do not reveal details of your injuries or of the incident itself
  • Refuse pressure to settle your claim immediately
  • Set a boundary on further contact with the insurance company
  • Take notes during and after the call regarding what was said by both parties

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The Tawwater Law Firm is dedicated to representing the people of Oklahoma in various types of personal injury lawsuits. For more than 40 years, our firm has adhered to the highest standards of hard work, professionalism, and responsive care for our clients.

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