Covering Nursing Home Costs

Long-term Care Insurance Lawyer Oklahoma City

Long-term care insurance plans typically pay some or all of the costs of nursing home care for people who become disabled or chronically ill over a long period of time.

Some people claim long-term care insurance benefits for just a few months to help them recover after a surgery or serious illness. Benefits can also be used in cases of cognitive impairment and inability to carry out the tasks of daily living.

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Whether you or your loved one needs nursing home care out of medical necessity or for other reasons, you expect long-term care insurance benefits to be there when you need them. Sadly, the disabled, the sick and the elderly often find that their valid claims for benefits are denied.

A Matter of Interpretation

Long-term care insurance disputes often involve an interpretation of the policy language. The insurance company may deny coverage because it says the nursing home or assisted living facility does not have the proper staff. For example, the policy may require 24-hour care by an RN, but the nursing home you have selected has LPNs on duty overnight.

Whatever the cause of your insurance claim denial, please contact our law firm as soon as possible for a free consultation. We understand that paying out of pocket for long-term care expenses can create a financial hardship very quickly.

Our attorneys help LTC insurance policyholders receive the full amount of benefits described in their policies — and sometimes more. If your insurance carrier acted in bad faith, you may be awarded punitive damages in excess of your policy limits.

It costs you nothing to find out if we can help and you will pay no attorneys fees unless we recover compensation in your case. In some instances, we may be able to get the insurance carrier to pay your attorneys fees.

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