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When you have homeowners’ insurance, your provider is obligated to pay for any and all damages covered by your policy. However, insurance companies are often motivated to deny or reduce payments to policyholders in order to increase company profits. At Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC in Oklahoma City, OK, we have been protecting the rights of policyholders for more than 36 years. Our homeowners’ insurance attorneys understand the complexities of insurance claims and are familiar with the strategies insurance companies employ to avoid responsibility. If your insurance company has delayed, denied, or undervalued your homeowners’ claim, contact our team online or call us toll-free at (866) 319-7300 to schedule a free case consultation.

A couple dubiously discusses their claim with an insurance agent.
It is important to keep accurate notes and records of all your interactions with your insurance company prior to filing a lawsuit. 

When to Dispute a Settlement

If an accident damages your home or if an injury leaves you liable for damages, your insurance company is obligated to review your claim and provide coverage based on your policy. It is important to understand your insurance agreement, as it establishes the scope and period of coverage. In some cases, your insurance may legitimately deny your claim because it occurred outside your coverage period or because you failed to meet a condition of coverage. 

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always honor agreements and provide the coverage you deserve, even when the claim is legitimate. For instance, they may assert water damage was caused by flooding rather than wind-blown rain if an Exclusion Clause in your agreement prevents you from claiming coverage for flooding. 

Since you cannot file a lawsuit after settling an insurance claim, it is essential to have an insurance dispute attorney review the settlement before signing if you are at all uncertain. We can identify potential issues and protect you against a bad faith denial or an undervalued compensation offer.

Why Hire an Attorney?

For most homeowners, dealing with coverage issues and negotiating the value of an insurance claim is out of their realm of expertise. Insurance claims are often complex and require an advanced understanding of legal protocols to address effectively. Our attorneys can review your claim and negotiate with your provider so that you do not have to. 

For more than 36 years, we have defended individuals in our community against bad faith denials and other insurance disputes.

If we cannot reach an appropriate settlement with your company, our team can file a lawsuit based on Oklahoma insurance laws. Often, the threat of a lawsuit is enough to convince your insurance carrier to settle. If not, our attorneys can take your case to court and help you collect the money you need to rebuild your life. 

Tips for Working with Homeowners’ Insurance

During the process of your home insurance claim, there are certain actions you can take to protect your rights, such as:

  • Keeping good notes about who you talked to and when and summarizing your conversations.
  • Taking detailed pictures of the damage and any repairs while they are in progress.
  • Cutting communication with the insurance representative after hiring an attorney. 

Once your lawsuit begins, anything you say or do with the insurance company can jeopardize your case. Our team can act as your representative when interacting with your provider to ensure your best interests are protected. 

Protect Your Rights as a Homeowner

If you are in a dispute with your insurance company, our team of attorneys at Tawwater Law Firm can help. For more than 36 years, we have defended individuals in our community against bad faith denials and other insurance disputes. Call us toll-free at (866) 319-7300 or contact our office online to schedule a free case evaluation today.

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