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A defective product can cause you and your family untold physical, emotional, and financial suffering.

Product liability lawyers can collect the financial compensation you deserve when a dangerous product causes harm. 

The Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based Tawwater Law Firm successfully fights for consumer rights in product liability cases.

The Defective Product Lawyers You Deserve

In 2022, there were 12,663,028 different consumer product injuries across America. The cause of many of these injuries is a defective product. Defective products can include auto parts and medical devices, or home goods such as beds, chairs, and soaps.

The product liability lawyers at our Oklahoma City law office have secured multimillion-dollar settlements and jury awards on behalf of injured Oklahomans. As part of our commitment to our neighbors, we handle any defective product case on a contingency basis. This means that if we take your product liability case, you will pay us absolutely nothing unless we win.

The founder of our firm, Larry A. Tawwater, has been serving Oklahoma City since 1972. Since joined by several other acclaimed lawyers, he and his team have won numerous multi-million dollar lawsuits revolving around defective and dangerous products.

Our law firm can stand up to any opponent. We've already won cases against multiple multinational corporations.

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"This law firm is top notch, and I would recommend them on any personal injury lawsuit. They get the job done!" Lisa Boone

The 3 Categories of Product Defects

Consumers like you have a right to expect that the product you purchase is not going to cause harm to you or your family. Everybody involved in the design, manufacturing, marketing, and sale of a product can be held responsible for the harm that the product may cause. The three types of product liability claims our attorneys most frequently handle involve design defects, manufacturing defects, or marketing defects:
Exposed wires

Design Defects

A product may be defective due to a faulty design that makes it inherently dangerous. This danger exists regardless of the manufacturing process and regardless of whether the product serves its stated function. 


Manufacturing Defects

A product can have a safe design but become defective due to poor manufacturing, construction, or production. This can result in products of the same type being defective while others are not. 

Instruction manual with screws

Marketing Defects

Many products come with some level of risk for the consumer. It is the manufacturer's duty to provide proper instructions and adequate warnings regarding the uses and potential dangers of the product. 

Product Liability Lawyers
Oklahoma City Can Rely On

"Larry was really good and did the very best that he could for us in this case... everyone there was great the whole time. It's a good firm when you have a hard case."

We Can Determine
Who Is Responsible


Product liability claims are strict liability cases. Strict liability means that even if the responsible party did not have any intent that led to the product defect, they are still at fault for the personal injury or wrongful death. The key to winning any kind of personal injury lawsuit is proving liability, and our product liability attorneys are prepared to determine who is responsible for your injuries, whether it was the manufacturer or another party. 

Time Is Running Out

In Oklahoma, you have two years from the date of the injury in which to file suit. The sooner you reach out to us, the better the chances of achieving justice.

For over 40 years, the Tawwater Law Firm has vigorously represented consumers in product defect cases. Reach out to us over the phone at (405) 607-1400 or via our contact form to request your free consultation. 

What Makes Tawwater Law Different

Widespread Recognition

Our success has led to national renown. We are listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. This is a highly prestigious honor that lists the most well-regarded law firms in the country. To earn a listing, a law firm must be considered preeminent by colleagues, and have the highest possible rating from Martindale-Hubbell

Protecting the People of Oklahoma

Under no circumstance does the Tawwater Law Firm represent big business. When people come to our Oklahoma City office, they can rest assured we are truly on their side. We have a proven track record of success in product liability, and show no fear when facing off against major corporations. 

We Charge Nothing Unless We Win

We work on a contingency basis, which means you are not charged a dime until we achieve victory in your case. We have no interest whatsoever in running up hourly attorney fees. This arrangement ensures our only focus is winning you the maximum amount possible, and that you don't have to worry about additional legal fees. 

Extensive Network of Experts

Defendants in defective products cases are willing to go to great lengths to avoid responsibility for their mistakes. We can hire America's leading experts in medicine, manufacturing, and other fields to explain to a jury why you deserve compensation.

Oklahoma City Loves Our Law Firm

"Good people. They actually care about their clients." Julie Bailey

Talk to Tawwater Law

The injuries caused by a defective product can cause significant damage to all aspects of your life. Our attorneys understand this and are compassionate towards all client needs. We are responsive to our clients, sensitive to their suffering, and aggressive in pursuing their victory. Call (405) 607-1400 or write to us to request your free consultation now. 

How We Prove Your Product Defects Case

Our defective product lawyers draw on their extensive background in other successful product liability cases to prove your product liability claim. We focus on three core areas:

Identify Who Is
At Fault

We will investigate your case to determine whether the manufacturer, retailer, or another party is responsible for the defect that led to your injury.

Prove Defect
at Sale

It is key for us to show the court that the product was defective when it was sold. This removes any doubt that the product defect was caused by the defendant.

Your Injuries

To secure maximum compensation, our attorneys demonstrate the extent of your injuries and prove they would not have occurred without the product defect.

You Can Be Compensated Even If You Made a Mistake

In some states, you cannot receive any compensation whatsoever in a personal injury lawsuit if you contributed at all to your harm. Thankfully for our clients, Oklahoma law does not work this way. Instead, our state operates under what is known as modified comparative negligence. Modified comparative negligence allows a plaintiff to receive compensation as long as they were not the primary cause of the incident.

For example, let's say you suffered from speed wobble while driving too fast on your motorcycle. Both your speeding and the speed wobble contributed to the wreck. If your attorney can demonstrate that your losses were primarily caused by the defective auto part that led to the speed wobble, you can receive significant compensation even though you were speeding. 

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Your Attorney Can Make a Major Difference In How Much Money You Get

Proven attorneys can make a big difference in how much money you eventually collect. If you are determined to be at fault for 40% of your crash, you can only get 60% of the available damages. However, if your lawyers effectively demonstrate that you were only accountable for 10% of your wreck, you can get 90% of the available money.

As we've demonstrated, the attorneys at Tawwater Law have won multiple seven and even eight-figure defective products lawsuits. Our attorneys know how to identify a defect and prove fault to the highest degree. Reach out to us for your free consultation about no-upfront-charge representation. 

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We pride ourselves on providing the personalized representation every injured Oklahoman deserves.

Recent Recalls Show Ongoing Problems

In the first two months of 2024, the federal government has already recalled dozens of products for being defective. ​According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, these items include boots, mattresses, Frigidaire rear-controlled ranges, and Char-Broil digital electric smokers.

How You Can Help Yourself

Our defective product attorneys will handle as much of your case as possible. We do not want you to experience any stress beyond what the defective product has already caused. That being said, you can help our defective product lawyers with regard to evidence. 

Hard evidence is often the best tool our product liability attorneys have to build a winning case. You should take photographs of the defective product and document your purchases. Additionally, maintaining a record of your medical visits and bills will help us collect maximum compensation.

Beware of Insurance Company Pressure

It is likely the case the company that manufactured the defective product that hurt you is represented by a well-resourced insurance company. They may have an insurance company representative reach out to you and offer a quick cash settlement. You must remember that anyone who works for the insurance company is not your friend. 

The amount of money they offer now may seem like a lot, but it probably does not cover the full extent of your losses. The insurance company representative's goal is to minimize their financial exposure–not help you. If anyone reaches out, provide no details about your case and refer them to us. Our attorneys have won major lawsuits against multinational corporations. We know how to stand up to pressure and end up winning the most money possible for our clients. 

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Oklahoma City Counts on Us

"I know Larry Tawwater to be an effective and knowledgeable lawyer, and a tremendous advocate in the plaintiffs bar."

In Rare Cases, You Can Sue the Seller

Generally speaking, Oklahoma state law protects any seller of a product they did not manufacture during a product liability lawsuit. However, there are some rare situations where we may be able to sue a product seller instead of a manufacturer. 

For example, the seller of a product becomes independently liable in a lawsuit if the seller negligently modified or altered the product you sold, directly causing your harm. They may also be sued for any other type of intentional misconduct or omission that led to tangible damages.

The Tawwater Law Firm Office

The Tawwater Law Firm

The Tawwater Law Firm is dedicated to representing the people of Oklahoma in various types of personal injury lawsuits. For more than 40 years, our firm has adhered to the highest standards of hard work, professionalism, and responsive care for our clients.

To schedule a consultation at our Oklahoma City-based firm, please contact us online or call (405) 607-1400.

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