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Premises Liability

When you are injured on someone else's property, the aftermath can affect you physically, financially, and emotionally for many years. 

If you were hurt on someone else's property, it is important to determine whether you qualify for a premises liability lawsuit

Here's how The Tawwater Law Firm team in Oklahoma City, OK, can help you get started...

Underground parking lot with puddles

Basic Requirements for Filing a Premises Liability Lawsuit 

Reason for Being on Property 

In order to be able to file a premises liability lawsuit, you must have been invited to the property or business where you were injured. Open businesses or public locations naturally grant others the permission to be there. However, if you were injured while trespassing on private property, you will most likely not qualify for a premises liability lawsuit. 

Breach of Reasonable Care

Just because you were injured on another person's property does not mean you have a lawsuit. The building, home, or property owner must have had knowledge of unsafe or defective conditions on their property yet not taken proactive action to prevent injuries or provide reasonable care. If you can demonstrate that there was negligence, you may have a case

Clear Damages 

In order to recover compensation, you must be able to show that your injury resulted in damages. Damages our Oklahoma City firm can help you collect compensation for include medical bills, rehabilitation costs, or pain and suffering brought into your life by the injury. 

Does Your Case Qualify?

Our attorneys can review the specifics of your case during your complimentary consultation. Call our Oklahoma City firm at ​(405) 607-1400 or contact us online to learn more about your options.

A Lawyer  Can Help You...

Illustrate the Cause 

Our attorneys work with reconstructionists and other experts to clearly determine the cause of your accident and build compelling evidence that helps your case. 

Establish Liability 

By determining the cause of your injury, our team can help point to the party or parties responsible for paying the damages. 

Recover Compensation

While insurance companies will try to downplay the extent of your injuries to compensate you for the lowest amount possible, our Oklahoma City team will work to ensure that you are compensated for all costs associated with your injury. 

Our Promise to You 

We represent the people of Oklahoma. We are never on the side of big businesses, insurance companies, or those who injure fellow Oklahomans.
  • Amusement Park Accidents 
  • Broken Steps 
  • Construction Site Accidents 
  • Defective Conditions 
  • Elevator Defects 
  • Escalator Defects 
  • Exposure to Toxic Chemicals 
  • Fire
  • Improperly Installed Objects
  • Inadequate Maintenance 
  • Inadequate Security  
  • Poor Lighting Conditions 
  • Slip and Fall 
  • Wet Floors 
  • Unfenced Swimming Pools 
  • Unrestrained Animals 

Why Pursue  a Lawsuit? 

Receive Fair Compensation

Premises liability attorneys work with medical experts and economists to evaluate the extent of your injuries and their impact on your life. Armed with this information, our Oklahoma City team can work to ensure you are fully compensated for all damages

Focus on Recovery

Recovering from an injury can be exhausting. Adding a lawsuit on top of that can often be overwhelming. However, delegating the complexities of a lawsuit to a professional allows you to concentrate on healing. 

Many Are Injured in Falls Each Year

State-Specific Considerations

 In Oklahoma, a landowner’s duty to any entrant is defined by a three-tiered classification system: the higher up on the tier you are, the greater the duty owed. From least to most duty owed, the tiers are:

Statute of  Limitations

If you want to file a lawsuit against an owner for an injury you sustained on their property, you must do so within two years of the date it occurred. Consequently, you should reach out to an attorney at our Oklahoma City firm as soon as possible if you are considering pursuing a lawsuit.  


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A Premises Liability Lawyer Can Help You Secure Damages 

Whether you are visiting an amusement park, attending a class, or shopping at a store, you have a legal right to expect that you will be reasonably safe from harm. Premises liability law in Oklahoma specifies that property owners or occupants have an obligation to keep the premises safe from known dangers or conditions that may cause injury. If you or a family member have been injured in a slip and fall or other incident caused by  property owner or occupant negligence, you need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyerTawwater Law Firm, PLLC has been practicing personal injury law for more than 35 years, and we are experts in this complex area. To schedule a consultation with a premises liability lawyercontact our Oklahoma City practice today.

a slip and fall injury

Understanding Premises Liability

According to premises liability laws, if there is a dangerous condition on a property, such as a wet floor or broken step, the owner or occupant must arrange for the condition to be fixed, or post adequate warnings.

To file a lawsuit for premises liability, a plaintiff must have been invited or granted permission to be on the property. Any patron of an open business or public location is naturally a licensee and granted permission to be there, while those specifically invited might include someone attending a party in a private home. Known trespassers may also be entitled to warning about a hazard or, in the case of children, there may even be a duty to provide reasonable protection. For example, a swimming pool, which is known to attract children, must be kept adequately fenced.

Types of Cases

There are a number of common examples of negligence in premises liability, including:

  • Poor lighting conditions that cause accidents 
  • Improperly installed objects that fall and strike someone
  • An unrestrained animal, such as a dog, that bites or injures a visitor
  • An improperly fenced pool or malfunctioning drain
  • Inadequate security in places where crime is anticipated, such as the parking lot of a motel or store (in this instance, an assault or rape can become a premises liability case)

Compensation for Injury

The attorneys at Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC in Oklahoma City have experience handling premises liability cases, and have helped many clients secure the compensation they need in order to recover from their injuries. We advise clients to call us first and avoid speaking to insurance representatives that try to contact them. These claims adjustors are often trying to minimize their clients' liability and downplay the seriousness of your injury.

Our expert investigators will look for evidence of negligence on the part of the property owner, and we will fight for just compensation for your losses, pain, and suffering. In some cases, a premises liability case can result in catastrophic injury or even death, which may mean a wrongful death claim is appropriate. We work strictly on a contingency basis, meaning that you will pay nothing until we settle your case or receive a jury award.

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We have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for our clients by providing aggressive, knowledgeable representation. Contact our Oklahoma City practice today to schedule your free consultation.

Our Attorneys Also Help Secure Reparations  for Slip and Fall Victims

Slip and fall accidents are the most commonly filed premise liability lawsuits. Unfortunately, these types of accidents happen every day to countless numbers of people. To show cause that a business or property owner is liable for injuries sustained during a slip and fall accident, certain criteria must be met in order to establish negligence. If you have been injured and believe that inadequately maintained conditions may be at fault, you will need an experienced attorney to build a slip and fall lawsuit. Our attorneys have served Oklahoma City and the entire state for more than 36 years and have represented thousands of victims in all matter of premise liability cases. If you have any questions about your specific situation, contact our office to schedule an in-depth consultation with one of our slip and fall attorneys.

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Premises Liability

Slip and fall lawsuits are a very specific form of premises liability lawsuits. Business and property owners are bound by law to keep their premises reasonably safe from known dangerous conditions. If accidents or injuries occurring on private property can be attributed to negligence on the part of the owner, that owner can be held legally responsible for the accident. In order to bring a lawsuit forward, the injured party must be invited or granted access to the property. Any business that is open to the public has granted permission for people to be on the premises and must therefore keep their property adequately safe. In the case of private homes, any invited guests are considered to have been granted access. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall incidents cause approximately 8.9 million visits to the emergency room per year. Some of these situations are unfortunate, unavoidable accidents, but a large number of these cases can be prevented by simply maintaining basic safety standards at homes and businesses. Dangerous conditions such as torn carpeting, poor lighting, or wet floors can cause someone to slip and fall and injure themselves. It is the responsibility of the business or home owner to maintain an environment free from these types of circumstances.

In order to show cause that a property owner is liable for an injury resulting from a slip and fall, the injured party must demonstrate that the owner caused the unsafe condition, had knowledge of the unsafe condition and did not take action, or that a reasonable amount of time had passed that the owner should have known about the unsafe condition. Additionally, the injured party will need to show that they were not responsible for the injury because of carelessness or clumsiness. An experienced slip and fall attorney will know how to present your case in a matter that proves these conditions existed at the time of your injury and will argue that the property owner did not provide a reasonably safe environment.

Learn More About Slip and Fall Injuries 

If you have sustained an injury on someone else's property because of unsafe conditions that could have been avoided, our experienced attorneys can help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. Contact our office to schedule a consultation and experience the personalized attention we devote to every client.

Our Team Also Holds Negligent Security Teams Accountable for Their Actions 

Property owners in Oklahoma City, OK, are required to provide patrons, residents, and others with sufficient security. When they fail to do so, our attorneys can step in to fight for the victims’ rights. If you have been injured, robbed, or attacked on a commercial or residential property with inadequate security, you should call the experienced attorneys at Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC, to help you start building your case. Our lawyers have more than 35 years of experience successfully representing victims and families following these traumatic experiences. 

Photo of a negligent security guard

Ways Security Can be Negligent

Both commercial and residential property owners have a duty to make sure their properties are safe. They can be held liable for not ensuring that there is adequate lighting, locking gates, video cameras, and any necessary security guards. Negligent security practices commonly occur when there are too few security guards or insufficient lighting. Even when the number of security guards is sufficient, they may have had inadequate training or failed to coordinate when called to action. In addition, at large events, such as a concert, security may be overworked and unable to assist. 

Damages Caused by Negligent Security

When there is no form of security present or there is inadequate staffing, there is nothing to deter criminals from attacking. They may rob or attack a victim, using dangerous and deadly weapons for intimidation. More vicious attacks can also happen, leaving victims injuries and traumatized. 

Robberies and assaults can cause both physical and emotional trauma. While a victim may make a full physical recovery, the emotional trauma can take years to overcome. Victims may need medical treatment as well as counseling or therapy to deal with conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Such attacks can have a negative impact on victims' quality of life, as they may feel unsafe leaving their homes. 

Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC is dedicated to helping injured parties hold the property owner responsible for failing to provide adequate and competent security measures.

Our Negligent Security Lawyers Can Help

Our team of attorneys excels in investigating negligent security cases. We can review security footage, collect witness statements, and review medical reports. We can help you build a strong case that shows if sufficient steps had been taken, the assault or robbery would not have taken place. 

Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC is dedicated to helping injured parties hold the property owner responsible for failing to provide adequate and competent security measures. With our help, you can seek damages for your medical expenses, lost wages, and lowered quality of life. Our attorneys will fight for you, letting you focus on recovery and feeling safe again. 

Discuss Your Personal Injury Case

If you were the victim of a robbery or assault in a place where security was unable to prevent the attack or come to your aid, you may have a case against the property owner. Contact our firm online or call (405) 607-1400 to discuss your case with one of our attorneys and review your legal options. Our firm has spent the past 35 years representing victims in personal injury cases and can use our proven experience to help you.

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