The injury or death of a child always counts among our most emotionally difficult cases. We all want to see children healthy and happy -- and, we all know that children need adult protection because of their boundless curiosity and fearlessness.

A child injury can occur in a variety of ways, and sometimes it is due to negligence of supervision or the careless actions of someone who crosses the child’s path. In cases where negligence or reckless disregard results in harm to a child, a personal injury attorney can help the family secure financial compensation needed to cope with injury and other losses. If your child has been harmed by the negligence of another, we can represent you in a child injury lawsuit. Contact Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC in Oklahoma City for a free consultation.

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Negligent Supervision and Defective Products

When parents send their kids to a day care provider, school, or camp, they have a right to expect the supervision will be adequate and appropriate to protect their child from undue harm. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Children may be injured in a playground, swimming pool, or sports accident. Sometimes, there is no one to blame for such accidents, but other times, an employee acts with obvious disregard for children’s safety.

Faulty equipment and defective products may also be the cause of a child’s injury. Defective children’s toys are common causes for injury, particularly for babies and toddlers. In these cases, a personal injury lawsuit may be combined with a product liability case.

Premises Liability and Other Child Injury Cases

A child who is visiting a home or business should be kept reasonably safe from known hazards. The owner or occupant of the premises is expected to eliminate danger or issue clear warnings. In the case of children especially, even those who may trespass on the property should not encounter an obvious hazardous condition, such as an unfenced pool. Premises liability injuries can include slip and fall, dog bites, poisoning, and burn injuries. Personal injury cases involving children can also include car accidents, birth injuries such as cerebral palsy, other forms of medical malpractice, and even sexual abuse.

We Hold Care Providers  Accountable for Negligence

Leaving your child in the care of a stranger is never easy, and when an injury occurs under the supervision of a daycare facility, babysitter, or another caregiver, it can be a stressful, devastating experience for your entire family. We understand that the youngest victims are often the most vulnerable, and we want to help families hold caregivers accountable for any negligence that directly led to your child's injury. A daycare negligence lawyer from The Tawwater Law Firm can help you build a strong case to protect children from future incidents and ensure that care providers are held accountable for their actions.

Potential Causes of Injuries

Childcare injuries are typically caused by negligence on the part of the caretaker. This includes any situation where the caretaker should have acted differently than they did, and this directly led to your child's accident. This includes: 

  • Premises Liability: Daycare facilities and other child care centers are responsible for maintaining a safe environment. When management fails to properly maintain the facility, they could be held responsible for your child's injury. 
  • Lack of Supervision: Improper oversight or failure to supervise altogether can leave your child vulnerable to injury. 
  • Safety Code Violation: Every state has a unique set of laws and regulations which care providers must follow. If these are broken, you could be eligible for compensation. 
  • Improper Training: Accidents happen. If a child care provider does not have the proper training or equipment to properly respond to an emergency, your child can suffer as a result. 
  • Abuse: Unfortunately, many child care injury cases involve some form of deliberate physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. 

Our team can investigate the cause of your child's injury. Because children are often unable to voice exactly what happened to them, we can gather evidence and witnesses to support your claim. 

Our firm has a track record of success with personal injury cases and can guide your family through the legal process from start to finish.

What To Do If You Suspect Negligence 

In personal injury cases, filing a case must be done in a timely manner and delaying action could negatively affect the outcome of your case. To help your attorneys build the strongest case possible, we recommend: 

  • Maintaining a record of all paperwork between you and the care provider 
  • Obtaining security footage of the incident, if available 
  • Collecting any medical bills incurred as a result of the injury 
  • Taking photos of the scene and your child's injuries as soon as possible 

Injuries can range from mild wounds and bruises to catastrophic injuries that require lifetime care. Our team can help seek compensation for long-term and other intangible damages in addition to immediate medical care. 

The Importance of Hiring a Lawyer 

In order to file a claim against a care provider, you must be able to prove that negligence, deliberate misconduct, or other factors directly led to your child's injury. A lawyer can help prove: 

  • Breach of Duty: A lawyer can collect evidence that proves that the duty of care was broken. 
  • Causation: A lawyer can help prove that the breach of duty directly caused your child's injury. 
  • Liability: By determining the cause of the injury, a lawyer can point to the party responsible for the event. 
  • Damages: The liable party will be responsible for paying damages, or compensation for medical bills, future rehabilitation, and emotional trauma caused by the injury. 

Because a daycare center, nanny agency, or individual caregiver may be responsible, it is important to hire a lawyer who can examine the evidence and hold the appropriate party accountable. 

Why Choose The Tawwater Firm?

The attorneys at Tawwater Law Firm, PLLC are dedicated to providing families with compassionate legal help that yields results. If your child has suffered due to the negligence of another party, he or she and the family deserve financial compensation for losses experienced. These losses can include medical expenses, future losses, and pain and suffering. With more than 36 years of experience in personal injury law, our firm has attained multi-million dollar awards for many clients.

We work on a contingency fee basis, so our clients do not pay us up front or pay for ongoing case expenses. We receive our compensation and reimbursement when you receive your settlement or jury award. If we take your case, you know we expect to win.

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As a client of the Tawwater Law Firm in Oklahoma City, you can benefit from: 

  • Our more than 36 years in practice serving personal injury victims
  • Our listing in the Bar Register of Pre-Eminent Lawyers of America
  • A case supported by some of the nation's leading experts 

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