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Brain Injury Lawyer Oklahoma City

A brain injury can range from a mild concussion that leaves you with a headache to a serious closed-head injury that results in paralysis, coma or death. At the Tawwater Law Firm, our attorneys have successfully represented people with serious brain injuries for more than 36 years. To learn if we can be of assistance to you, please contact our law firm today.

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Brain injuries fall into two major categories: those caused by head trauma (traumatic brain injury) and those caused by lack of oxygen to the brain (anoxic or hypoxic brain injury).

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are common, but extremely serious. More than 1.5 million people will suffer a traumatic brain injury this year and about 50,000 will die of their injuries. Motor vehicle accidents, falls and assaults are the leading causes of traumatic brain injury. These injuries can cause subtle symptoms that are often overlooked or misdiagnosed, such as changes in mood, personality, memory and behavior. Our attorneys work with neuropsychologists and other brain experts to determine the extent and severity of the damages our clients have suffered.

Hypoxic Brain Injury

A hypoxic brain injury occurs when not enough oxygen gets to the brain. An anoxic injury is caused by a total lack of oxygen to the brain. These types of brain injuries can occur as a result of birth injury, near-drowning and surgical malpractice.

Our law firm has recovered substantial verdicts and settlements for victims of brain injuries. If you or a member of your family has suffered a brain injury, please contact us to discuss your case. The initial consultation is free and you will pay no attorneys fees unless we win monetary compensation in your brain injury case.

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