Delayed, Denied, and Undervalued Claims

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Running any businesses is a risky endeavor. Your building could catch fire, your employees could embezzle funds, your partner could die. The list of potential pitfalls is endless.

Business insurance takes some of the risk out of doing business. Insurance policies can cover liability, property damage, theft, fire loss, building damage, business assets, business interruption and directors' and officers' liability.

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After a loss, businesses need their claims paid promptly. Any delay can quickly lead to financial ruin. At the Tawwater Law Firm, we represent clients whose valid business insurance claims have been delayed, denied or unreasonably under valued.

An insurance company is obligated to indemnify policyholders, that is, to pay legitimate claims. Insurance policies also require insurers to defend policyholders against lawsuits covered by the policy. For example, if a customer falls and injures himself in your store and sues you, your insurance company must defend against the liability claim.

A Duty to Settle within Policy Limits

Our law firm has successfully represented clients whose insurance company refused to settle liability claims within the insurance policy's limits. The policyholder was left bearing responsibility for judgments or verdicts in excess of the policy limits. The insurance companies were found to have acted in bad faith.

If your business was denied benefits or denied a competent defense, our attorneys can help. We have more than three decades of experience getting results for our clients, including business owners who were not treated in good faith by their own insurance company. Please contact us today to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation.

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